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Jumaat, 15 Mei 2009

hmmmm..where is everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

something that make me sad now..all my fren have lost wa......my besfren now in shah alam..then aina will go there too..thinking lot about people heart?????what???damned!!!!!!!!!!!become more stress n adding da fatty tissue in my body...but my ear cannot stand anymore...arghhhhhhhhh what i am talking about...so...discussting..tomorrow my granma will come then..they will speak it up n then....jeng3 everything start...hmm..getting so tired...have too improve my english since da special fren is speaking..kikiki...i thought i,m not going to spek in eng anymore after spm...but now its too late..qualification is needed...


anyway ak skg nni dah bosan nk tgk blog cause ada smone special kat flixster hehe..buat lili tlg la lili update blog ak jad mcm ag..hihi..tap kalu ag rasa x nak then its ok..lili papun all da bes k..gewd luck...lina ak rindu kat ag.lili pun .soy pun...aina,tasya,facy2ku tercinta ak syg n rndu gla kat amap suma..k...